"My journey is rooted in a deep passion for authenticity and tradition. An emigrant from Eastern Europe, I was determined to blend time-honored recipes with the finest ingredients available. 

Over 40 years later, our brand has become a premier provider of sausages, meats, pickles, cheeses and more. 

Guided by an unwavering commitment to quality, where traditions and authenticity remain the cornerstone of our work."

Edward Seleznyov

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    Generational Family Recipes

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    Delivered to your door & ready-to-eat

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    100% Quality Guaranteed!

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    Farm Raised

Every package we send out into the world carries not just flavors, but a piece of our family's history and passion.

Customer Feedback

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“Bob is the man, super helpful and knowledgeable about his products!!! The Gouda and waygu sausage is amazing. Sweet horseradish pickles are equally amazing! Found his booth at the Indianapolis flower and patio show and it made my day!!”

Eugene Wentworth

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“Bob was very nice and explained all the different types of meats and cheeses. Spent around $200 with him. He was great 👍 especially loved his Gouda cheese 🧀”

Khanie Tran

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“I bought some of the products from the show and Bob did a great job explaining everything and was very polite!! He was an expertise in all of the meats and cheese that was at the show!! I will definitely buy more at the next show!”

Martel Moore


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