What is Salami?

If you love salami as much as we do, you likely want to know what exactly salami is and what makes it different from other types of fresh and smoked sausages. Being as we love all things when it comes to sausage, we are going to review what salami is and what makes it different from the other types of sausages. Let’s get started.

What is Salami?

Let’s get right to it. Salami is a type of sausage that is not “cooked” but is instead allowed to ferment and cure before being dried and made edible. There are a various types of salami, usually named for the region they come from. Traditionally, salami was made from pork, nowadays, it is made with all different types of meat or game. Salami is usually fairly hard, making it easier to slice thinly and ideal for use in sandwiches, charcuterie boards, or enjoyed by itself.

The word “salami”, in English, comes from the plural form of the Italiansalame”. Salame is a term for any type of salted meat. With the rising popularity of salami; however, the term became connected primarily to one particular type of salted meat that was stuffed into an animal casing and then allowed to cure. In English, the word “salami” is used for both singular and plural references to this one type of sausage.

How is Salami Different than Other Sausage?

Salami is often confused with sausage and sausage is also confused with salami. These 2 types of meats have almost the same characteristics; however, they are not really the same. As we reviewed above, salami is a cured sausage that consist of meat that is fermented and air dried. The curing process is what creates the main differences between salami and other sausages.

Salami is usually harder than normal sausage, and is traditionally served cold. Sausage is a meat product that is made using ground meat and is typically not cured or ready to eat without being cooked.

Salami usually appears different in color than sausage due to the curing process. The taste of salami and sausage is also different. The taste varies based on the ingredients used to make either meat product.

What Are the Different Types of Salami?

One of the best parts about being a salami lover, is the fact that there are so many different types of salami to choose from. There are hundreds of denominations of salami from every region of the world. You could literally spend your entire life touring the world one salami at a time and still never get to try them all.

Different types of salami are set apart by the ingredients, how the meat is cut, and the way it is prepared. Some of the most common types of salami are: genoa salami, hard salami, sopressata, pepperoni, chorizo, wine salami, and more. We will dive into all of the differences in the types on another day. For today, we will stop right here.

Where can you Buy Salami?

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